Twitter and Facebook support in bitlbee

By | April 30, 2010

With version 1.2.6 of bitlbeee both Twitter and Facebook accounts are supported!
Read on for how to add them to your account list!


Previously, I’ve connected to my twitter account using jabber and , which has worked okay, but required me registering an account with Also, it only pushes my status updates, I don’t get other people’s updates.

account add twitter <handle> <password>
account on

There are some settings you can tune, as well, checkout account set <id>, where id is the number of your twitter-account. The ‘mode’ setting should be of special interest. It let’s you decide whether all messages from twitter comes from the nick twitter_yourHandle (mode=one), or if there is one nick per twitter-user (mode=many) and if all twitter action happens in its own channel (mode=chat). I prefer the latter one, to separate between Twitter-messages and ‘the rest’.

account set twitter/mode chat

Note that you have to disconnect the account first, when changing the mode.

Twitter on bitlbee/IRC

Twitter on bitlbee/IRC

Facebook Chat

First set a Facebook username.
Then add your account:
account add jabber <password>
account set facebook/nick_source first_name
account set facebook/nick_source full_name
account on

Note that non-ascii characters are stripped away, meaning letters other than A-Z are removed.

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