Globally replacing the default font in your Android app

Want to use a custom font for your Android app?
In the layout xml or code you can override the default font, but you’ll have to repeat this exercise for every View with text in it, or at the least, repeat a style declaration all over the place.
Here’s how to override it once and for all!

Using raw disk access with VirtualBox in Mac OS

For performance reasons, you may want to use a dedicated disk for your virtual machine. This was not straightforward to do with VirtualBox on MacOS, so I decided to write it down and share it with others that may be interested. In this example, we will use disk3 as raw device for a Windows virtual machine. Start by… Read More »

Unix tools on Windows for fun and profit

So, your workplace or customer wants you to use Windows on your desktop. You’re a Linux-guy, possibly also a developer. How do you get by? Or maybe you are not familiar with Unix and Linux and want to try out some new tools on Windows? Read on for some tips based on my experiences!