Importing database from hosted Scrumworks Pro to a local instance

By | May 12, 2012

Just a quick note on how I solved this problem.
Scrumworks support said it couldn’t be done, but it was possible and not too difficult.

My team had been using the free trial of hosted Scrumworks Pro and entered a lot of backlog items. To avoid entering them again, I wanted to export the database and load it on my locally hosted Scrumworks Pro instance.

The trick was to first install Scrumworks Pro 5.0 locally, then import data, then upgrade it to SWP 5.1. Apparently they don’t run the latest version on their site.
Detailed steps:

  1. Login as admin to the hosted instance, choose “export” from the menu and you get an excel file.
  2. Install SWP 5.0 locally, and activate it with a free (or paid) license
  3. Import the excel file, check that the backlog appears, and quit SWP
  4. Install SWP 5.1 as an overlay, and choose to upgrade from 5.0
  5. Load SWP 5.1, you’re done!

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