Photoshop Elements 10 on a case-sensitive filesystem

By | September 24, 2012

Photoshop Elements does not support a case-sensitive filesystem. The shell-script below is a workaround, renaming files to the names that the application expects.

Note: symlinking the files did not work in my case, Elements crashed with the message “A hardware or system error occurred” (or similar).

Based on Photoshop CS5 on case-sensitive filesystem.
Tested with Photoshop Elements 10 from App Store.

cd "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 10"

# Rename all folders called a to A
for i in $(find Contents -type d -name "a" | awk '{ print length($0),$0 | "sort -rn"}' | awk '{$1=""; print substr($0,2) }'); do n=$(echo $i |sed 's//a$//A/g'); mv "$PWD/$i" "$PWD/$n"; done

# Rename all folders called "resources" to "Resources"
for i in $(find Contents -type d -name "resources" | awk '{ print length($0),$0 | "sort -rn"}' | awk '{$1=""; print substr($0,2) }' | sed 's/ /-_-/g'); do j=$(echo "$i" | sed 's/-_-/\ /g'); n=$(echo "$j"|sed 's//resources$//Resources/g'); mv "$PWD/$j" "$PWD/$n"; done

cd Contents/Frameworks
mv adobeaxedomcore.framework AdobeAXEDOMCore.framework
mv adobeaxsle.framework AdobeAXSLE.framework
mv wrservices.framework WRServices.framework
mv adobelinguistic.framework AdobeLinguistic.framework
mv adobejp2k.framework AdobeJP2K.framework
mv adobeoperamgr.framework AdobeOperaMgr.framework
mv adobepdfsettings.framework AdobePDFSettings.framework
mv adobepdfl.framework AdobePDFL.framework

One thought on “Photoshop Elements 10 on a case-sensitive filesystem

  1. Ste

    Brilliant! Many thanks – this works perfectly.
    I was writing something like this until I hit the ‘A hardware error occurred’ problem.
    Thanks for fixing it! It works like a charm.


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