Unix tools on Windows for fun and profit

So, your workplace or customer wants you to use Windows on your desktop. You’re a Linux-guy, possibly also a developer. How do you get by? Or maybe you are not familiar with Unix and Linux and want to try out some new tools on Windows? Read on for some tips based on my experiences!

Quicker builds on Windows by using a RAM-drive

There’s been a number of blog posts lately celebrating the use of SSD-disks for reducing build/compile times and to make your IDE snappier.
This post is about an even quicker and often cheaper alternative – mount a portion of your RAM as a drive and execute builds there!

Quick and easy upgrade/reinstall of Ubuntu

This post explains how to reinstall Linux (primarily Ubuntu and Debian) without using a cd/dvd, usb disk/pen drive, network boot or install partition. It requires internet-access from the machine you’re reinstalling. If you have a dedicated partition to /home, you’ll likely not need to take backup first.

Implicit supervised learning for kids through computers

When I was 12 or so, my friend and I started learning English and maths without realizing it by playing games on a computer. This is all related to artificial intelligence and neural networks theory on supervised learning. Or is it the other way around?